Evaluating your online programs - impact

Natasha Mian

Natasha Mian, 8 April 2020

Evaluating the unique impact of your online programs

In most cases the outcomes and dimension statements you have previously been measuring will still be applicable for your online program as they apply to your organisation's overall strategic goals.‘Place-based’ outcomes that aren’t suitable for evaluating online programs could be exchanged for outcomes that measure accessibility or social connection - which could be complementary outcomes of having moved your content online. 


Here are some alternatives to 'Place-based' dimension statements that you could use:

  • Access: It gave me the opportunity to access activities I would not otherwise have access to
  • Connection: It helped me to feel connected to people in the community

More online program evaluation tips


If your organisation is looking to move your content online and would like some resources on how to do this, here are some references to get you going.

If you’d like some guidance on how to adjust your current evaluations reach out to your Client Manager for support, or to arrange a Zoom meeting. 

Feel free to enquire here if you haven’t previously been evaluating your programs before, but would like some advice on how to start with Culture Counts.

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