A digital evaluation platform
for measuring cultural impact


  • Dynamic real-time monitoring of impact 
  • Multiple methods of electronic data collection
  • Easy data capture from a variety of sources
  • Intuitive dashboard to inform decisions 


  • Share evaluations and results
  • Easily benchmark against the best
  • Learn how others are measuring impact
  • Compare self, peer and public opinions
"Surveys are quick and pain-free to create – the dashboard interface is both easy to comprehend and navigate. It is clear that much thought has gone into the development of the 'dimension’ questions. Preliminary results are already giving insights into possible gaps in our provision of service, but also where we excel and are delivering on our mission statement."
Kent Eyre City of Armadale


  • Share real-time insights with colleagues 
  • Engage your supporters and investors 
  • Show you value audience and peer feedback 
  • Effortlessly produce professional reports 
"We now have great data to mine and apply. I’m pleased Access Arts has been part of the Culture Counts pilot as it has given us hard evidence, rigorous results and impartial validation as we embark on this process of deciding our next directions."
Pat Swell Access Arts


  • Provide evidence to secure more resources
  • Increase your supporter base
  • Strengthen the collective voice of the sector
  • Use insights to make better decisions

Pricing Plans


$399 month

All your evaluation needs in one platform. Remove the guesswork and generate insights that link directly to funder outcomes.

  • Unlimited surveys
  • Expertly curated metrics
  • Customisable questions
  • Multiple survey delivery methods
  • Peer assessor management
  • Automated analysis
  • Data and results dashboard
  • Custom insights report
  • Training and support
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$799 month

Have departments with different reporting needs? Use Enterprise to manage independent dashboards while still sharing and comparing as an organisation.

  • All the features and benefits of Classic
  • Extra dashboard for each department
  • Multiple dimension sets
  • (arts, libraries, place, community)
  • Custom insights report per dashboard
  • Evaluation sharing between dashboards
  • Training and support for each account
  • & many more
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Manage a portfolio of organisations with a broad range of objectives? Contact us for a fully customised dashboard solution.

  • Access to all features and benefits
  • Mapping metrics to policy
  • Input to strategic planning
  • Activity tracking & monitoring
  • Sorting and comparison
  • Portfolio performance review
  • Big data insights
  • Custom consultation package
  • & many more
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*The minimum subscription period is 12 months. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

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