Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour



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Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


Evaluating Sweet Sour & Saucy

ArTour used Culture Counts to survey people attending ‘Sweet, Sour & Saucy’ in regional locations across Queensland from February to July 2015. 220 members of the public and six peers were surveyed to find out what they thought of the performance.

Each survey contained seven ‘dimension’ questions, asking the public about their experience of the show. These artistic quality dimensions have been developed with the arts sector to measure the impact and value of arts and cultural events.

Public Assessment

  1. Captivation

    It held my interest and attention

  2. Rigour

    It was well thought through and put together

  3. Meaning

    It moved and inspired me

  4. Relevance

    It had something to say about today's world

  5. Connection

    It helped me to feel connected to people in the community

  6. Distinctiveness

    It was different from things I’ve experienced before

  7. Risk

    The artists were not afraid to try new things

Peer and Self Assessment Only

  1. Innovation

    It was introduced to the audience in a new way

  2. Growth

    It could appeal to new audiences

  3. Leverage

    It could attract a variety of investors

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


What did the public think of Sweet, Sour & Saucy?

Survey respondents moved a slider to indicate whether they agreed or disagreed with the dimension statement using a likert scale. The chart contains data for all public responses, showing the average score and the percentage of people that agreed or disagreed with each of the statements.


A large majority of people agreed or strongly agreed with all seven dimensions. High average scores above 80% were received for all dimensions, with 100% of people agreeing or strongly agreeing that the show was well thought through and put together, captivating, and that the artists weren’t afraid to try new things. Over 90% of respondents also felt that it was different from things they’d experienced before, moved and inspired them, helped them to feel connected to people in the community, and had something to say about today’s world.

Standard deviations for all dimensions were also low, meaning that most respondents agreed with each other about the quality of the show.

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


How did people rate the experience overall?

At the end of the survey, respondents were asked to rate their experience overall, with a choice of five options – Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, Very Poor.

This chart shows the percentage of respondents that rated the show as Excellent, Good, Average and Poor.


Almost 100% of respondents found the show to be better than average, with 92% having an excellent experience and 8% having a good experience. No respondents thought it was average, and just one person surveyed found the experience to be poor.

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


Would respondents attend another show by these artists in the future?

Respondents were asked to tick yes or no to whether they would attend another show by these artists in the future.

This pie chart shows the proportion of respondents that answered yes or no.


Almost 100% of respondents would attend another show by these artists. 1% (which equated to three respondents) would not attend a future show.

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour



The online survey enabled public respondents to share additional thoughts or comments, and peer assessors were also encouraged to leave comments. A number of attendees also left comments on Facebook. A selection of these comments is displayed here.

Survey Comments

I didn't know what to expect but loved every minute of it!!!

So fresh, endearing and heartfelt and full of joy. Smiling the whole time

The show was very funny and witty. The two performers had a lot of stage presence. Whilst they worked the room to get people involved, they did so without being too overbearing and they did not humiliate anyone. I would not have complained if the tickets sold for around the $50 mark

Fabulous show. Our group loved every minute of it. Very talented performers. Box office staff absolutely amazing - a joy to deal with. Nothing was too much

The singing and piano was excellent... entertaining and original. Well done

We thoroughly enjoyed the originality and the quirkiness of the performance and we loved the music. Well done

The performers were funny, clever and talented. They worked well together and brought the audience into the show in a non-threatening way. The four of us loved it!

The two halves of the show - one scripted, one interactive - work so well together, since the performers are both great improvisers! The narrative does a beautiful job of contextualising the music, which was absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to more shows from these rising stars!

Facebook Comments

Amazing talent and immensely entertaining. Thanks for coming to the Towers

Glad you two had a good time in Hughenden. I'm so pleased you made it. It's like art therapy for our small towns. Hope the rest of your tour is fantastic too

One of the BEST live shows I've seen in Moranbah!! We just loved it!! Thanks for coming out our way!!

Thanks for the love advice and for bringing Broadway to Blackwater. 'Twas a great performance by exceptionally talented people.

I still get a smile every time I listen to your CD "Love is on the Air". Fantastic show

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


Who completed the survey?

Survey respondents were asked to provide their age, gender and postcode during the survey. This enables data to be matched to the wider population and responses to be filtered to understand differences in demographics. The charts show the proportion of survey responses captured for each of the age and gender demographics, as well as the various locations in which respondents attended the show.





The majority of respondents were female (76%) and the largest proportion was in the 60+ age cohort (34%), however a reasonable mix of different age groups responded.

The largest proportion of respondents attended shows in Brisbane (29%), with arTour carrying out interviews with tablets and sending the email link to ticketholders for shows held at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane. The shows in regional locations had smaller expected audiences and many used the paper version of the survey in the absence of reliable internet services.

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


Who has attended before?

Respondents were asked whether they had attended a jazz cabaret performance before, and whether they had been to a performance by these artists before. This informs expectations and helps organisations and artists to better understand the background and prior knowledge levels of their audiences.


Just over two thirds of respondents had attended a jazz cabaret show before (68%), but only 26% had seen a show by these artists before.

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


How did the Self, Peer and Public experience align?

The Culture Counts platform has a three-pronged evaluation process - with participation from self, peer and public assessors. Average scores from each group can be compared to see whether the public and peers understood the creative intentions of the artists or curators.

This chart compares the scores given by self assessors, peer assessors and the public after attending the show.


Both artists completed the evaluation, giving high scores for six of the seven dimensions with a particular focus on Captivation, Rigour, Connection and Distinctiveness.

Six peers completed an after assessment, giving average scores falling between the self and public assessment for three of the seven dimensions, and scoring lower than the public for four of the seven dimensions.

The lowest score from each respondent type was given for Relevance, with people less likely to think that Sweet, Sour and Saucy had something to say about today’s world. Self, peer and public scores were most well-aligned for Captivation, Rigour, Risk and Relevance, and least well-aligned for Connection.

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


Did the performance meet peer and self expectations?

Self assessors (who can be artists, arts organisations, curators or festival organisers) and peer assessors (who are usually experts in the field) complete before-event and after-event surveys to measure both their expectations and actual experience of the event.

Two self assessors and six peer assessors completed prior and post event evaluations. These charts contain their average scores for each dimension before and after.

Self Assessor Scores

Peer Assessor Scores


The performance exceeded the expectations of self assessors in all areas evaluated. The largest increases occurred for Relevance and Meaning, with the artists not expecting audiences to be as moved and inspired prior to the show.

The actual experience of the performance aligned quite well with peer expectations for six of the ten dimensions. The show exceeded peer expectations for nine of the ten dimensions, but fell slightly short in reality for Connection. The largest gaps occurred for Meaning, Growth and Leverage, indicating that the show had greater reach and potential than peers had expected.

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


How did people hear about Sweet, Sour & Saucy?

Respondents were asked how they learnt about the show, to evaluate the success of various marketing methods. Eight options were provided and respondents chose from a pulldown list.

The chart shows how survey respondents attending the show found out about it.


The biggest proportion of respondents found out about the show via word of mouth (29%). A mix of other methods were also used, including online marketing via e-newsletter, social media and websites, and more traditional methods such as flyers, billboards, radio and newspaper.

Sweet Sour & Saucy
by ArTour


Was the survey sample representative of the audience population?

The Culture Counts digital platform aims to capture survey responses via various methods at minimal marginal cost. Achieving larger samples enables organisations to be confident that the average scores and opinions of the survey group are representative of the total audience.

This chart shows the margin for error for each dimension from the sample.


At a 95% confidence interval, the margin of error for dimensions ranged from 1.2% to 2.2%.

Margins of error under 5% are considered reasonable representations of the opinion of the population. The large number of responses captured throughout the tour ensured a strong significant sample size, with scores representative of the audience.