Creating linked prior and post surveys

Creating prior and post surveys allows you to gauge both the prior expectations and final experiences of your respondents. Keep in mind, in order to create the surveys you will need to have the email addresses of your respondents on hand.

Creating the post survey

Best practice in creating these surveys is to make up both the prior and post surveys at the same time. You can build either survey first, however creating the post survey first is often easiest. 

Create a survey from scratch or copy over a template (instructions here). Once created, click into the ‘configure’ tab of the survey builder. Enter your survey information and scroll down to 'type options', click the dropdown and select ‘post event’. You will notice a survey link pop up, but just ignore this for now. Scroll down to save and continue. 

Inviting your respondents

Add in all dimensions and custom questions as necessary in the ‘design’ tab and click into the ‘invite’ tab. Here you can invite your respondents to complete the survey using either the peer assessors or self assessors boxes.

‘Self assessors’ refers to respondents that are directly involved with the curation or creation of the project you are evaluating. ‘Peer assessors’ refers to respondents that are not directly involved with the creation of the evaluated project, but will be attending and can provide specialist feedback. Additionally, the peer assessors box can be used for any respondent group you would like to survey who does not work within your organisation.

Type in or copy over each respondent’s email address on a new line in the appropriate box. Inserting the email addresses now ensures they copy over when creating your prior survey. Scroll down to the bottom and click save and continue.

You will now see that all respondents are visible in the ‘summary’ tab.

Creating the prior survey

Exit back into the evaluation folder and click the orange ‘Create Survey’ button in the top right corner. Add in the survey name, your custom branding and your survey introduction as you did in your post survey. Scroll down to ‘type options’, click the dropdown and select ‘prior event’. This will trigger a dropdown box to appear, select your post survey from this dropdown. Save and continue to link your two surveys.

Moving into the ‘design’ tab you'll notice that there are a number of questions with blue tags that indicate that they've been copied over from the linked post survey. Delete out any questions that don't make sense for the prior assessment and add in any additional questions as necessary. 

As the questions have been generated automatically, your dimension questions will have automatically changed tense. However, for all custom questions and messages you will have to click into and change the tense yourself.

Sending your survey

Once your survey has been finalised and ready to be sent head into the ‘summary’ tab. Here you will see a list of your assessors with their individual links, survey status, and invitation buttons. Select ‘send invitation’ to the right of each respondent’s email.

After the invitation has been sent via the platform, the survey status will change to ‘response pending’. You can use this badge to track who has yet to complete your survey. When conducting your post-assessment, send the invitations in the same way from the post survey’s ‘summary’ tab.


Once your respondents have completed both the prior and post surveys you will be able to see a comparison of their results from within the ‘expectations and experiences’ tab in the reporting dashboard.

As always, the CSV file is available for download from within the orange 'export evaluation button' to gain further comparisons and insights. 

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