Sharing your evaluations

The Culture Counts platform encourages organisations to share their evaluations with others to help the sector benchmark and learn. Many of our members share their evaluations directly with funders or sponsors to easily tell their value story. Sharing evaluations is also useful when undertaking a collaborative event with another member organisation. 

You can choose to share with your friends and colleagues or we can connect you with a network of like-minded organisations. You can also use the sharing feature to copy your Culture Counts client manager into your evaluation if you’d like them to look over your surveys and provide tips. 

To share an evaluation, simply click on the evaluation name in your dashboard evaluation list. Click the Edit button at the top right of your screen. Click Sharing Options from the pulldown list. In the box that says ’Share with another’, type in the email address of the person you would like to share with. They must also have a Culture Counts account so they can view your evaluation within their dashboard.

To the right of the email address is a pulldown list of sharing options. Choose ‘Viewer’ if you would like them to be able to look at your evaluation and results but not edit it in any way. Viewers will not be able to download csv files, add peer and self assessors, or make any changes to your evaluation. If you would like them to be able to do more that just view your evaluation, choose ‘Admin’ from the pulldown list. This will give them the same access to the evaluation as you. This option is best for collaborative events, where both organisations want to share the creation and editing of their event surveys, and have equal access to results.

If you would like to unshare with someone, simply open the Sharing options box again via the Edit pulldown and click the x next to their organisation name. You can also change viewing permission levels here.     

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