How to start a new evaluation

If you are setting up an evaluation and are looking for some further information, you are in the right place. The article below will take you through the steps to create a new evaluation and how to replicate an existing evaluation.

What is an evaluation?

Evaluations are folders or containers that contain all the information for a particular event, project, or place that you wish to evaluate. Multiple surveys can be used to evaluate a project, which can all be grouped and organised within a single evaluation. The evaluation will store and present any the data collected so that you can quickly see how a project is performing overall.

Starting a new evaluation

To start a new evaluation, click the “New Evaluation” button at the bottom of the left hand evaluations panel. You will be prompted to name your evaluation before being taken to the evaluations page. The evaluation name could relate to the event or program that you intend to evaluate. Bear in mind that creating multiple evaluations with the same name can be confusing, so try making each evaluation name unique. Within your evaluation folder you can create surveys or manage existing surveys and data sets.

Copying an evaluation

If you wish to replicate the surveys within another evaluation you have made you can easily do this by using the copy function. You can also use this function to replicate and then edit the surveys within the example evaluation. In order to copy an entire evaluation, you should copy each survey within the evaluation folder individually.

Copying a survey creates a new survey that contains all of the existing configurations, questions, and peer and self invites from the survey it has been copied from. This can help save time if you want to use a similar survey to one you have previously setup.

To copy a survey simply open the relevant evaluation and then click the ‘Edit’ drop down button to the right of the survey that you wish to copy. Then select ‘Copy’ from the pulldown list, see the example below:


You will be prompted to enter the new survey name and the evaluation you would like to save it to. Change the survey name to whatever you would like to name it, and then click the pulldown list under ‘Evaluation to copy this survey into’ and choose ‘Copy to new evaluation’. You can then enter the name of your new evaluation and the survey will be copied into it.

Once you have copied your survey/s into a new evaluation you can then edit or update the copied surveys to meet the requirements of your new evaluation.

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