In what ways can you view and present your results?

Members can access a range of analysed data in real-time from their reporting dashboard, and download specific charts for reports or presentations.

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Exporting the CSV file

Exporting your raw data can be done in one easy step! Simply scroll to the top of your reporting page and glance to the right side of the page. Directly under the headline, Support, you will see Export Evaluation. Click on this headline with your mouse and your results will commence downloading immediately.

You can also download the results from an evaluation in the Overview page by clicking ‘Download evaluation results’ on the right on the page, just below the ‘Create survey’ button.

Downloading charts

You have the option to download any of the charts in the Reporting section. These could be inserted into board presentations or emailed to stakeholders. A pdf of all charts can be downloaded by clicking into the orange ‘Export Evaluation’ button and selecting ‘Download all charts (pdf)’. Charts can also be downloaded individually. Above each chart on the right side is a small download icon (a small arrow pointing downwards). On any chart that you wish to download, simply click on this icon and the chart will commence downloading immediately.

Reporting options

A range of reports can be written and prepared by Culture Counts analysts to suit your organisation's requirements. Options include individual event or program summaries using infographics, online insights reports for multiple events or annual programs, as well as in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting on social, cultural and economic impact. Contact to discuss reporting options to suit your individual needs.

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