Navigating the reporting dashboard

You’ve completed your evaluation, collected survey responses and now want to view the results. The reporting dashboard displays the survey data in real time, allowing for quick decision-making and immediate results after your event. The reporting section of the Culture Counts system is designed to be easy and intuitive for users to navigate, containing a series of pre-analysed charts.

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How do I view reporting?

You can view reporting by simply scrolling to the top of the page and clicking the link called Reporting in the top menu bar. This is located just to the right of the Overview link.  Alternatively you can access Reports by opening your evaluation and clicking Go to Report toward the top right of the screen. This is located next to a button called Download Evaluation Results, where you can download a csv file of raw survey response data.

How do I swap between evaluations in reporting?

While in the Reporting section, you can easily transition between your different evaluations. At the top left of the page, there is the headline called Evaluations, with an arrow pointing to the current evaluation that you are viewing. If you click on the evaluation name, a drop down list appears containing the list of your different evaluations that you have configured within the dashboard. To swap to another evaluation, simply click on the desired evaluation from the drop down list. 

How do I swap between surveys in reporting?

While in the Reporting section, you can easily transition between different surveys. This is useful if you wish to view the results of surveys within your evaluation individually rather than the evaluation as a whole.

Click the word Surveys on the top left hand side of the reports page, next to the name of the evaluation you are currently viewing. This will immediately show you the results of the first survey in your evaluation, with the name of that survey appearing to the right. You can move to other surveys by clicking the drop down arrow next to the name of the survey you are currently viewing. A list of the different surveys that you have within that evaluation will then be visible for you to click, view, and navigate between. If you wish to go back to the combined reports page for the evaluation, simply click on the evaluation name to go back a step. 

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