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Aligning your goals with metrics

After having identified your objectives in Step 1, the selection of metrics to use will become clearer. Selecting the appropriate metric will help you to quantify or gauge whether or not your identified objective has been achieved.

Some brief examples of metrics aligned with objectives here:

Outcome: To provide free and equitable access to cultural and educational experiences. We celebrate ideas, promote creativity, connect people and enrich lives

Metric: a wide range of Dimensions available to measure any of the following; Access, Equality, Creativity, Curiosity, Meaning, Aesthetic Experience, Bond, Connection

Outcome: Appealing to new audiences (geographic reach, or first time attendees)

Metric: Demographic – Postcode (to gauge geographic reach of your activity) or asking respondents if this is the first time they have attended the activity, or an activity from your organisation.

Outcome: An inclusive space

Metric: Demographic – Age, Gender, along with Identity (asking your respondents to indicate if they identify as: A person with disability, Speak a language other than English at home, LGBTIA+ , An Aboriginal, Torres Strait, or South Sea Islander)

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