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Viewing your dashboard

Evaluation Summary

On this page, you can view the total number of public responses received for your evaluation, the total dimensions tracked, and the total number of surveys contained in the evaluation. The page also provides a summary of average scores for each dimension. The summary of dimensions is depicted in the form of a bar graph and is evaluated on a scale from 0-100. An average score of 0 demonstrates that respondents strongly disagreed, while a score of 100 indicates that respondents strongly agreed.

How do I swap between evaluations in the reporting dashboard?

While in the reporting dashboard, you can easily transition between your different evaluations. At the top left of the page, there is the headline called Evaluations, with an arrow pointing to the current evaluation that you are viewing. If you click on the evaluation name, a dropdown list appears containing the list of your different evaluations that you have configured within the dashboard. To swap to another evaluation, simply click on the desired evaluation from the dropdown list.

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