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Setting up your evaluation folders

To create a new evaluation, simply click on the New evaluation button at the bottom left the Evaluations panel in the platform. You will then be prompted to name your evaluation (usually the name of the activity you are evaluating), before being taken to the evaluation Overview page.

The easiest way to set up your first evaluation with surveys is to copy The Example Evaluation, which you can read about in the next step.

There are three types of surveys that can be created within your evaluation; a standard survey, a prior survey and a post survey. We encourage users to try to include all three types of surveys in a typical evaluation to gain the deepest insights. Examples of all three survey types can be found within the Example Evaluation:

  • Standard survey – asks members of the public to rate their experience of the activity based on your chosen set of dimensions and custom questions.
  • Prior survey – asks peer and self assessors to describe their expectations of the activity. For peer assessors this will be their expected personal experience; for self assessors this should be their expected audience/respondent experience of the activity. Afterwards you can compare expectations with how the activity was actually perceived
  • Post survey – which asks respondents about their actual experience of the activity. When linked to a prior survey, it allows you to measure the difference between expectations and reality. This can also help gauge if your objectives were met by comparing your self assessment prior and post survey results

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