2021 in review
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2021 in review

In last year’s wrap up, I referenced the challenges that COVID-19 brought to our cultural sector and admired the resourcefulness displayed by our clients and colleagues. This year was no different, with the commitment and spirit of the sector spurring us through the highs and lows of 2021. 

The Culture Counts team had their fair share of challenges along the way and I want to thank and honour their remarkable efforts over the year. Some highlights include:

  • Our Development team’s technology rebuild of the Culture Counts platform to make way for new updates and features in 2022
  • Our Client team’s continuous delivery of client onboarding, support and reporting, despite lockdowns and restrictions
  • New evaluation and research partnerships with Regional Arts Australia, Creative New Zealand and the 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • Commencing our third year of the Public Libraries Evaluation Network project, now with over 17,800 survey responses
  • Our UK colleagues’ launch of the Dimensions Interpretation Tool for Arts Council England and the Impact & Insight Toolkit

2022 is looking to be an exciting and joyous year of reopening and reconnecting – and one in which I look forward to sharing with you.

About the author
Michael Chappell is a CEO at Culture Counts.