Know what to measure with a Strategic Alignment

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Strategic Alignment

How can you effectively demonstrate your impact?

We know that impact evaluation can be daunting. Demonstrating your value across multiple programs, policies and stakeholders requires a structured approach, and the setup is the most crucial step.

An evaluation framework that aligns your vision, strategies and stakeholders

Connect the dots between strategy and impact

Know what to measure and why

Bring the pieces together and align your strategies into a shared evaluation framework. When you need to consider multiple policies, programs or stakeholders, an evaluation framework designed by Culture Counts will help clarify your evaluation.

Consistent evaluation across your programs

Strategic evaluation that can adapt to change

Things change. Whether it’s new policies, new programs or new partners, good evaluation needs to adapt. Culture Counts can craft an evaluation framework that works across programs and purposes, ensuring that your measurement approach will always work whenever you need it.

Report your results with confidence

Showcase your impact with evidence

Over 800 organisations use Culture Counts on their journey towards evaluation success. Our evaluation experts partner with you to build a customised framework that works for your needs and the types of impact you create.

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Outcomes evaluation you can trust

Culture Counts uses a standardised set of metrics developed through consultation with government agencies, industry bodies and academic partners.

Start your alignment

Bring the pieces together and set yourself up for evaluation success with a Culture Counts Strategic Alignment.

What you get

  • Outcomes-based alignment of stakeholder requirements
  • Integration of your strategic plan
  • Consistent metrics to cover a range of programs and activities
  • An easy-to-implement evaluation strategy for the whole team
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Step 1:

Identify outcomes. What comes next?

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