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Public Libraries Evaluation Network

Effectively demonstrate your impact

Libraries are an important asset to local communities, but membership, attendance and lending statistics do not showcase your full value. Collecting evidence-based feedback across your services and programs gives you the ability to see meaningful impact results.

A data collection initiative empowering libraries to understand their collective value

Collect the community feedback you need

A stress-free evaluation approach

The Public Libraries Evaluation Network (PLEN) enables you to effectively identify your community priorities and resources. PLEN combines the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform, our outcomes-based framework, and a reporting dashboard enabling your team to:

  • Collect feedback on library users, usage, awareness and application
  • Effectively measure the outcomes of programs and services
  • Benchmark and compare performance with your peers

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Monitor and benchmark your performance over time

Insights aligning to national standards

The PLEN dashboard takes the guesswork out of your outcomes performance, so you can focus on effective decision-making. The dashboard enables you to deeply interrogate your data, see how different demographics are impacted and compare your results with other libraries. Insights include:

  • Demographics and use
  • Library awareness and engagement
  • Library outcomes
  • Alignment with ALIA/ILFA outcome areas
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A reporting framework that stakeholders trust

Culture Counts is a trusted name in impact reporting and a recognised leader in evaluation. Key stakeholders accept our reports across the spectrum of arts, culture and events, local government, foundations, and funding bodies.

Annual Report 2021-2022

The Public Libraries Evaluation Network Annual 2021-2022 Report is here!

The online report provides an aggregate snapshot of impact results including library outcomes, library use and open text analysis with data collected by PLEN participants in the last financial year. Head to our blog to read the insights and view the full report.

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Better facilitate the planning and delivery of your programs and services with the Public Libraries Evaluation Network.

What you get

  • Culture Counts Evaluation Platform annual subscription
  • Pre-designed survey templates
  • Support and guidance from the Culture Counts team
  • Access to the Public Libraries Evaluation Network Dashboard
  • Invitations to regularly hosted network webinars
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