Quantify your value with an Economic Impact Assessment

Economic Impact Assessment

Demonstrate the economic and tourism benefit of your investment

Cultural, community and sporting events can deliver significant economic benefits to the cities and towns that host them. They support increased visitation expenditure that stimulates local economies and can enhance the character and vibrancy of an area, increasing its attractiveness as a place to live, work and visit.
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We’ve put together a handy guide demystifying economic impact – what it is, how to prepare for it, and how it can help you secure funding.

Actionable and reliable assessments you can trust

Credible third-party evaluation is vital to demonstrating tourism and expenditure impact and securing ongoing funding. Our expert analytics team delivers straightforward, rigorous and detailed economic impact assessments for events big and small, across all tiers of government.

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Flexible approach to suit multiple stakeholders

Our transparent evidence-based methodology can be tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation, funders and stakeholders. Our best-practice economic impact metrics have been designed to align with and adapt to the needs of tourism, sports and cultural funders in Australia and internationally.

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Comprehensive and streamlined solutions

  • Collect economic data from event-goers in an easy and accessible way
  • Calculate local and visitor impact based on attendee behaviour and spending
  • Use insights to make evidence-based programming and resourcing decisions
  • Generate rigorous data-driven reporting for funders and stakeholders

Our success stories

“The data will assist us in evaluating our event applications, and particularly our annual expressions of interest process. It will help us identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps and also inform programming priorities for Council’s own internally produced events. It will ultimately ensure that the resulting events calendar can best meet the needs of our community in delivering cultural, social and economic benefit.” – City of Port Phillip

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Start your assessment

Confidently demonstrate the economic impact of your events and programs with a Culture Counts Economic Impact Assessment.

What you get

  • Culture Counts Evaluation Platform annual subscription
  • Survey templates to collect visitor, behaviour and expenditure information
  • Expert data analytics to calculate expenditure and employment impacts
  • Clear and flexible reporting outputs to share with your stakeholders
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