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Culture Counts Evaluation Platform

Capture your impact with consistency

When your programs, activities and events all create unique outcomes, successful impact measurement relies on a consistent evaluation approach to bring your results together.

An evaluation platform that collects standardised data to demonstrate impact

Collect evidence to support your impact

Use survey feedback to quantify your outcomes

Your value is more than revenue, activities, views or attendance. Effective evaluation needs evidence that demonstrates the change you make and the outcomes you achieve. Combining a user-friendly survey builder with over 100 standardised metrics, Culture Counts lets you build an evaluation approach that collects evidence in a way that works for you.


Backed by industry and research

A demonstrated solution built for consistency

Culture Counts uses a standardised set of metrics developed through consultation with government agencies, industry bodies and academic partners. Over 800 organisations globally have used Culture Counts to consistently measure their impact – including cultural, social and economic values.


Join one of the most extensive global evaluation cohorts

Culture Counts was founded on the principle that great organisations – empowered with relevant data – deliver better outcomes and ultimately better public policy. Our demonstrated solutions can help you become an organisation leader in impact evaluation.







Start your evaluation

Collect consistent data, evaluate your outcomes and report your impact with a Culture Counts Evaluation Platform.

What you get

  • An intuitive, user-friendly survey builder and evaluation platform
  • 100+ standardised outcome metrics
  • Question Bank library of pre-defined questions
  • Reporting dashboard with real-time survey data and charts
  • Access to a team of evaluation experts and support resources
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