L2R Dance
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L2R Dance

L2R Dance is a not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne’s West dedicated to providing free dance programs, arts leadership opportunities and employment pathways for children and young people traditionally underrepresented or absent from mainstream arts and culture.

L2R Dance makes it accessible for young people to participate regardless of social, economic and cultural barriers and ensures easy access to programs irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, and dance ability.


In 2023, L2R engaged Culture Counts to undertake a strategic alignment and the creation of survey templates. This collaboration was designed to not only align the organisation’s strategic goals with the Culture Counts Outcomes Framework, but to also tailor surveys to L2R’s younger audiences. Data was captured and added to the Culture Counts Analytics Dashboard in real time.


To demonstrate their impact to stakeholders and funders, Culture Counts took L2R’s strategic documents and plotted them against our framework. From this, a series of survey templates were created with different outcomes and respondent types in mind. Survey questions were customised using emojis and simplified language, to ensure data was captured accurately from the younger audiences.

“It’s exciting to work with a platform that is consistent and renowned in the sector – you feel supported.”
L2R Dance
L2R Dance


Culture Counts spoke to L2R about what they have learned from their data since the implementation of their evaluation plan. Main takeaways ranged from updates in internal processes as well as how to communicate their value to stakeholders.

“We needed to implement better systems to track enrolments and participation of our students and free weekly dance programs. L2R has migrated to Monday which has increased workflow and transparency, supporting the Culture Counts platform through more efficient and up to date data collection processes. Quantitative and qualitative data helps L2R talk to different stakeholders and tell a holistic story of our organisation and the communities we serve.”

L2R says that the addition of Culture Counts into their reporting process has provided deeper insights into their audience and has allowed them to see gaps in their internal processes. As the implementation is relatively new, long-term data is yet to be collected for benchmarking and comparison.

“I do hope that by the end of the year or perhaps June/July next year our data will be better aligned, consistent and comprehensive.”

Next Steps

Early in their implementation, L2R will be using their evaluation strategy to fine tune how they tell their story.

“We do believe that there is a piece of the puzzle missing between our evaluation and how we communicate this impact and integrate it into the story telling, branding, and marketing of L2R. Part of this challenge is resourcing.”  They will be seeking to appoint a senior Marketing Manager to support this narrative and tackle the challenge.

L2R will also share these findings with key stakeholders.

“The organisation is continually developing and exploring ways in which they can communicate. L2R now prepares a yearly impact report that is disseminated in January/February – our stakeholders love it!”

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