Positive Impact: Outcomes Measurement Masterclass
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Positive Impact: Outcomes Measurement Masterclass

Are you an arts, culture and events pro? Do you need to report your impact? Culture Counts evaluation masterclass is tailored just for you! Book your spot now for the October 26 workshop in the City of Busselton to sharpen your survey and data skills, and gain practical tips from data experts

If you’re a nonprofit festival & event professional, cultural or community organisation or social entrepreneur passionate about making a positive difference, this masterclass is for you. Our expert speakers will share practical tips, real-life examples, and proven strategies to help you maximise your impact.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, gain valuable insights, and enhance your outcomes measurement skills. Reserve your spot now!

All registration fees are reinvested in the local area.

Georgia Moore is the Managing Director at Culture Counts, an economist with over 15 years of consulting and analytics experience.

A founding member of Culture Counts, Georgia has helped hundreds of cultural, community and government organisations to measure their impact. Living and working across Australia has contributed to her extensive knowledge base and ability to solve complex problems using innovative economic modelling and evaluation techniques. Georgia is currently based in Western Australia’s South West.


1.00pm: Arrivals
1.30pm: Welcome and Introductions
1.35pm: Exploring Outcomes

Measure what’s meaningful to you and your stakeholders.
Examine what outcomes are and how they link to your key organisational objectives and investment criteria.

Whether it’s demonstrating social responsibility, economic growth, or cultural enrichment, you’ll be prepared to showcase your impact with confidence. This includes considering a broad range of outcome areas, identifying outcome measures that align with your own mission and strategic plan, and meeting the requirements of diverse funders.

2.00pm: Gold Standard Survey Design and Data Collection

Don’t just collect data – orchestrate a masterpiece of understanding.
Easily, effectively, and accessibly measure outcomes from audiences, participants, and stakeholders.

Incorporating guidance in best-practice survey design and data collection, we will help you to better engage, listen, learn and grow. This includes ensuring that surveys are short, targeted, relevant and accessible; and considering a mix of distribution methods to capture sufficient sample sizes that accurately represent your communities and stakeholders.

2.25pm: Unleash the Power of Data: Analyse, Illuminate, Elevate

Data isn’t just numbers – it’s your organisation’s beacon of success.
Successfully demonstrate your value, secure investment, implement evidence-based change and grow impact.

From filtering out noise, to comparing and benchmarking against industry standards, we will share how to add context to your results that speaks volumes. Covering economic impact assessment, open text topic modelling, portfolio reporting, funding applications and acquittals, you will be primed to maximise the value of your data.

3.00pm: Networking and nibbles

Join us for a chat, food and drinks while enjoying music by a local artist.

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