Providing Support for the Quality Metrics National Test

Providing Support for the Quality Metrics National Test

Having come to the end of the largest pilot project, using Culture Counts to test the Quality Metrics in the UK, we are naturally excited about the future of Quality Metrics in both the UK and globally.

The success of the Quality Metrics National Test has partially been down to the variety of ways in which we have engaged with the 137 active organisations within the cohort.

As well as providing an ‘on tap’ support service for all participating organisations via email, telephone and the Culture Counts website support portal, we engaged with the organisations via our frequently updated YouTube channel, the uploading of case studies and the facilitating of Learning and Insight events across the UK. 

Our YouTube channel predominantly consisted of ‘How to’ guides and walk-throughs of the Culture Counts platform.  These proved to be very popular amongst the cohort.  Indeed, our YouTube analytics showed there to have been 3,527 minutes of watch time on our channel, made up of 1,364 views throughout the lifetime of the Quality Metrics National Test.  Whilst of course some of these views might be accidental, the vast majority I believe to be an active choice made by the organisations.  Links to appropriate YouTube videos were provided in our emails to the organisations and were regularly brought up in conversation.

The YouTube analytics also showed us that running our Learning and Insight events across the UK caused spikes in engagement levels on our YouTube channel.  This was fantastic to see, as it demonstrated that running these events helped to maintain and reinstate interest in the project.  These events provided an opportunity for the organisations to network with each other and to meet Culture Counts staff in person.  The sessions encouraged discussion about all aspects of the project, including using the Culture Counts platform, challenges of the project, opportunities presented throughout the project, data analysis and manipulation. 

We have provided a few case studies on the project-specific website, showing how Quality Metrics have generated interesting insights for organisations.  Receiving their permission to write these, we were able to see how individual participants learnt and benefited from the trial and to present their experience to others within the cohort and other interested parties.

We are thrilled to have been involved in the production of the largest ever anonymised standardised dataset on the quality of cultural experiences in England and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for the Quality Metrics. 

Read the Arts Council Response to Quality Metrics trial here.

Main image source: Lord of the Flies by Helen Maybanks

About the author
Sian Tattersall is a Project Coordinator at Culture Counts (UK).