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Our Vision

To empower the sectors we work with to realise, communicate, and grow their unique impact and value.

The West Australian Ballet performing at The Quarry, City Beach, Western Australia. Photography by Clare Chappell

Our Story: Co-Producing Value Measurement

Imagine a scenario where cultural organisations around the world are measuring the quality of their work using a standardised set of metrics that they themselves have shaped.

Imagine they are using new mobile technologies and web-served databases to benefit from real-time data analytics; gaining immediate insight into the cultural experiences of their audiences, participants and peers.

Imagine they are using this data to make better cultural programming decisions, focus marketing efforts and grow audiences.

Imagine too that they are connecting, benchmarking and sharing these insights, to attract greater support and resources for themselves and the sector.

This is the scenario that Culture Counts has been striving to create, working in close partnership with the cultural sector in England and Australia.

Culture Counts cares passionately about supporting our partners to produce richer stories about their unique impact and value, facilitate deeper engagement and interaction with audiences and communities, and build stronger cases for support and investment.

Many other sectors are already working with us, keen to shape their impact and value story in the same way that the cultural sector has. If you need a better way to measure and communicate your value, join the Culture Counts community.

Our 5 Key Principles, the foundation of Culture Counts
  • Standardise the definitions of indefinite terms like ‘quality’ so as to create a common descriptive language

  • Give control of that language to the sector

  • Modernise the means of data collection, analysis and reporting so that it operates in real time and very low cost

  • Enable organisations across the world to compare their results and insights, thereby strengthening the combined voice of the sector

  • Engage arts funders and investors to ensure that funding decisions are driven by data, thereby ensuring long term sustainable access to those resources

I believe in the power of high quality data to help organisations achieve greater impact and grow potential.

Our Team

At Culture Counts, we’re all committed to helping organisations achieve their goals and tell richer stories about the unique value they create.

  • Michael Chappell

    Steely eyed arts ninja

    Michael Chappell

    Managing Director
  • Georgia Moore

    Just give me a good book, a glass of wine and a plane trip somewhere exotic

    Georgia Moore

    Director - Australia
  • John Knell

    Has a consuming passion for music of all kinds and is the Chair of Sound and Music, the UK’s leading development agency for new music.

    John Knell

    Director - UK
  • Chris McCormick

    ☠  💻   ⚔

    Chris McCormick

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Callum Taylor

    I like to party.  html>

    Callum Taylor

    Product Owner
  • Siân Tattersall

    Enjoys lip syncing and dancing around the house to 90s school disco tracks. However undertaking such activities with a cup of tea on the side can be rather problematic...

    Siân Tattersall

    Project Coordinator
  • Umang Arora

    Resident code ninja

    Umang Arora

  • Gaurav Goyal

    Eat 🍜

    Sleep 💤

    Code 💻

    Repeat 🔄

    Gaurav Goyal

  • Clare Chappell

    Part-Time Worker, Full-Time Mother…..Hall of Fame Baller!!

    Clare Chappell

  • Matt Callahan

    Would have liked to be a hipster, but it’s probably too late now. Committed to building companies and taking them to the world.

    Matt Callahan

  • Rita Baroni

    The multi-tasker. Juggling work, motherhood and life.

    Rita Baroni

    Operations Manager
  • Shannon Pearse

    Artist, designer, maker and converter of data into beautiful graphics. 

    Shannon Pearse

    Design Manager
  • Monika Bognar




    Making marvellous spreadsheets

    Monika Bognar

    Client Manager
  • Priyanka Arya

    Mother & Coder

    Priyanka Arya

  • Jordan Gibbs


    Jordan Gibbs

    Business Development Director
  • Kristine Genovese

    Food loving arts enthusiast who enjoys a good to-do list

    Kristine Genovese

    Client Director
  • Elli Gemmo

    Traveller - Bookaholic with a keen eye for spreadsheets

    Elli Gemmo

    Client Manager
  • Natasha Mian

    intrepid traveller
    art geek
    devourer of sweet treats

    Natasha Mian

    Client Manager
  • Tom McKenzie

    Alleged trumpet player

    Tom McKenzie

    Data Scientist
  • Jack Midalia

    Excessive amounts of coffee, loud music, and cat gifs

    Jack Midalia

    Data Analyst
  • Lisa Wallace

    Carries a toolkit with a good process, spreadsheet and colour palette. Fan of Jenga, jazz and coffee.

    Lisa Wallace

    Marketing Manager

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