Measuring the intangible value of Government

Local Impact

The Culture Counts online survey platform empowers local, state and federal governments to collect feedback on the intrinsic impacts they deliver to their communities.

This data helps government organisations to plan for programs, facilities and events that enhance community engagement and contribute to long-term success and sustainability. Culture Counts is a preferred supplier for public value measurement in local governments across the state. Culture Counts has helped governments to:

  • Align their strategy with cultural, social, civic, economic and place outcomes
  • Identify what is important to measure during evaluations
  • Effectively use data insights in their evidence-based policy, targeted spending and decision-making
  • Gain a better understanding of how their community is engaged
  • Benchmark their organisation across the industry with 100+ standardised outcome metrics
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It helped me feel connected to people in the community
Local Impact
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It made me feel proud of my local area
Client stories: City of Perth

"I’m proud to say that the City of Perth are showing leadership in this space through our progressive and continuously improved measurement and impact reporting program in partnership with the great team at Culture Counts. For funders who are yet to get on board, feel free to reach out to hear what we do, and our lessons already learned."

Ben Fitzpatrick,
Director of Economic Development and Activation,
City of Perth

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Culture Counts sample survey for Government
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Culture Counts sample survey for Government
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