Your free Local Government Benchmark Report FY22/23
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Your free Local Government Benchmark Report FY22/23

In FY22/23, local governments collected 39,600 survey responses from more than 890 surveys throughout Australia using the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform. Using the data collected from a range of stakeholders including communities, audiences, visitors and businesses, we have released an online benchmark report highlighting the key findings.

The report shows the total number of local government sector surveys and responses in the Culture Counts database, and insights into the demographic mix, location and experience of respondents. A key focus of the data is the important outcomes generated by local governments through their evaluated events, programs and activities. Key outcome achievements include:

Building community connection and appreciation of diversity
81% of respondents agree they feel proud of their community

Creating attractive places to live, work and visit
89% of respondents agree they enjoy the vibrancy and activity in their community

Promoting health, wellbeing and resilience
88% of respondents experienced positive impacts to their physical health and mental wellbeing

Local governments can use this benchmark data to gain confidence in choosing the right metrics, compare against their own results, and set KPIs for the coming year:

  • View outcomes associated with cultural and community experiences
  • Demographic, marketing and tourism insights
  • Apply benchmark statistics to better align with community, place and cultural planning policies

Contact us to discuss incorporating benchmarks into your council online insights reports.

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