Media Release: Measuring the COVID-19 Impact on Cultural Industries​ - a call for action
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Media Release: Measuring the COVID-19 Impact on Cultural Industries​ – a call for action

Culture Counts is conducting research on the immense cultural, social, civic, economic and environmental impacts of COVID-19 on the cultural industries.

The research is designed to collect the many experiences across the sector – to constructively present a unified story, and consequently, to gain actionable insights to better enable organisations to navigate survival, adaption, innovation and recovery.

Following requests from a number of clients and peers who were looking for a standardised approach to measuring this impact, this survey has been developed to offer comparable results across all arts and culture, education, government, health and community, libraries, placemaking and activation and sports and recreation. The initial focus will be assessing the impact of the current situation – and how their businesses are transforming to adapt to the current situation.

“Through working with hundreds of cultural organisations, we see first-hand the dedication, commitment and sheer hard work required to deliver events and programs. We see the impacts that creative practices can have in everyday life because we provide the tools for measuring it. Across the sector, there have been many voices expressing a similar COVID-19 narrative, but each to a different tune – we see this as an opportunity to facilitate a collective voice.” – Michael Chappell, CEO, Culture Counts.

The survey responses will contribute to a comprehensive report that details the effect of this pandemic on the broader sector. The survey responses will contribute to a report that details the financial impact of this pandemic on the broader sector and highlights the creativity and innovation of those whose business models are transforming quickly to adapt to the situation. Culture Counts hopes the information will provide evidence for advocacy and deliver a clearer idea of the full impact of COVID-19 on all cultural industries.

Culture Counts will be continuing ongoing research for and across the community – collecting experiences from organisations, creators, funders and audiences – to provide actionable insights that empower proactive collaboration as we collectively go through this global journey of change.

The Culture Counts story began with the creative industries – imagining a world where arts and cultural organisations could tell a richer story about their artistic, cultural, environmental, social and economic contributions to society. Today Culture Counts’ existence is due to the trust of this community and with the recent impacts of COVID 19 – the company is more passionate than ever to continue to empower and support this cultural sector.

About the author
Lisa Wallace is a Marketing Manager at Culture Counts.