Perth Festival's Impact on Western Australia
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Perth Festival’s Impact on Western Australia

A recent report prepared by Culture Counts has been making headlines for substantiating the significant positive impact of Perth Festival on Western Australia’s social, cultural and economic life.

Commenting on the gravity of the research and analytics, Perth Festival Executive Director Nathan Bennett stated, “This report represents the biggest and most significant dataset ever captured by the Festival and we will use it as a new baseline by which we can measure future success in our mission to enrich life through art in Western Australia.”

Festival Highlights:

Patrons and stakeholders felt that the Festival has an important place in Perth with:

  • 96% of survey respondents confirming Perth Festival is important to the cultural life of the State.
  • 94% agreeing it delivers high-quality cultural experiences to the people of Western Australia.
  • 89% agreeing it’s important that it’s happening in Perth
  • 81% agreeing it showcases Perth’s arts and cultural depth

The highest scoring artistic quality dimensions were Distinctiveness and Relevance, demonstrating that Perth Festival is providing unique experiences for audiences, reflective of the world we live in. Scores achieved across social impact metrics were particularly strong for programs that showcased local voices and stories.

Overall, 92% of survey respondents felt positive about the Festival with a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 33 (an NPS of above zero is positive and an NPS of 30+ very good).

Festival audiences spent a total of $4.3 million at the box office and an additional $10.1 million as part of their visit to Perth Festival events. Combined with the impact of Perth Festival’s expenditure in WA, the program generated a direct economic impact of $18.4 million and a total impact of $25.9 million.