Valuing Heritage
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Valuing Heritage

The Perth Heritage Days weekend is an annual event presented by Heritage Perth Inc. In 2016, approximately 43,000 attendees were provided the opportunity to engage with the City of Perth’s heritage sites and stories through a programme of guided tours, talks, exhibitions, workshops and performances.

Heritage Perth Inc. used Culture Counts to collect data on the intrinsic impact of the event on attendees as well as the value the event delivers to the City of Perth. Standardised dimensions of social, cultural, civic and place value were integrated with economic analysis of attendee and organisational expenditure to provide a holistic account of value.

Heritage is central to the culture and identity of communities and increasingly regional and city councils are actively taking advantage of their heritage portfolio for community, economic and tourism outcomes.

The findings demonstrate that Perth Heritage Days:

  • plays an important role in connecting audiences to a shared history and culture;
  • reflects the unique character of the area and its people;
  • encourages civic and cultural pride; and
  • is critical to the cultural heritage of the City.

The findings are being used by Heritage Perth Inc. to better communicate its value and attract new partners working to achieve similar outcomes.