Using a QR Code to distribute your survey
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Using a QR Code to distribute your survey

What is a QR Code?

A ‘Quick Response’ or QR Code is a two-dimensional version of a barcode that is able to convey complex information almost instantly when scanned with a smart device.

Image description: an example of a QR Code on a pale orange background


QR Codes are a helpful tool in survey distribution for both users and respondents:

  1. An efficient way to distribute surveys at events via signage and posters
  2. Social-distance friendly, respondents can complete surveys via their own device
  3. Survey responses instantly uploaded to the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform
  4. With the new inbuilt feature – no need to use a separate tool to generate QR Codes or maintain links!

How to use

The Culture Counts Evaluation Platform now has inbuilt QR Codes, making it easier to distribute surveys via signage and capture responses efficiently on the ground at events.

  1. Sign in to the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform. Don’t have an account? Contact us to get started.
  2. Click the relevant Evaluation folder
  3. Select the survey you wish to distribute
  4. Select your preferred Survey Link option and click the ‘Generate Code’ icon
  5. Download the code ready for use!

For more detailed steps – read our Support Hub article.

About the author
Lisa Wallace is a Marketing Manager at Culture Counts.