Webinar - Reflect for Success: Become a learning organisation
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Webinar – Reflect for Success: Become a learning organisation

Knowing how to take your evaluation data and employ it to learn, reflect and grow closer to your mission is the most crucial – and often most difficult – part of any evaluation plan.

In this webinar Culture Counts’ Alison Lasek is joined by The Ian Potter Foundation’s Research and Evaluation Manager Squirrel Main to discuss how organisations can use data to celebrate every success and make informed decisions.

The webinar covers:

  • Setting up your organisation for successful evidence-based decision making 
  • Taking time to reflect and understand why this is important
  • Building internal capacity for evaluation within your organisation
  • Using comparative data to highlight areas of improvement
  • Becoming a listening organisation and strategies for when it all goes wrong
  • Ensuring you are asking the right questions
  • Sharing and reflecting so the sector can learn

This webinar is designed for anyone looking to get the most out of their evaluation strategy, ultimately demonstrating how your organisation can use data effectively to make meaningful changes and bring you closer to your mission.

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