WiFi Collection Drives Down Costs, Increases Insight
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WiFi Collection Drives Down Costs, Increases Insight

Multiple organisations have been connecting their Culture Counts surveys to public WiFi networks at places and during events, enabling the collection of feedback data at a very low marginal cost.

In the past year, one of our evaluations has amassed over ten thousand responses from members of the public who connected to their WiFi service, allowing deep insight into weekly, monthly, and annual trends.

Integration with the Technical Services Group (TSG) has further allowed users to examine the relationship between stats collected through the WiFi (such as WiFi hits and linger time), and the qualitative metrics collected through a Culture Counts feedback survey. Amongst other things, this is giving organisations the ability to more easily assess events or festivals, demonstrating increases in visitor numbers and diversity, community connection and perceptions of the city’s cultural life associated with the experience.

WiFi networks are a very powerful and cost-effective way of getting feedback from your users. Are you using your WiFi effectively? Get in touch with Culture Counts to find out how you can better leverage your network, or what is involved in setting one up.

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