Your free Library Evaluation Guide
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Your free Library Evaluation Guide

Your guide to designing and implementing an effective plan for your library.

Libraries are an important asset to local communities, but membership, attendance and lending statistics do not showcase their full value. Operating within the community portfolio of local government, libraries are often required to report on community use and engagement, the impact of activities, and the achievement of organisational goals.

Collecting comparable data across facilities, services and programs can seem challenging but if planned effectively, will ensure that your evaluations are consistent and streamlined, encouraging better reporting, decision-making and understanding of the value your library provides for the community.

This document provides an overview of important considerations for designing and implementing an effective evaluation plan for your library. These include:

  • Have a clear and meaningful purpose
  • Collect consistent user and community feedback
  • Learn from others
  • Embed data in decision-making

The guide outlines five success factors when collecting, communicating and growing your value and includes explanations of common terminologies to help you get started.

About the author
Georgia Moore is a Managing Director (Australia) at Culture Counts.