Evaluating your online programs - content engagement
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Evaluating your online programs – content engagement

If your organisation is moving current or future programming to online delivery, you can still evaluate the impact of these activities against your organisation’s overall strategic objectives.

There are opportunities to gain some additional insights during this period without having to completely overhaul all your previous evaluation methods.

Asking whether your audience engaged with the full program or only a portion could provide some interesting insights into the level of impact vs. length of time engaged. How did results for dimension statements compare between those that viewed 10-15 minutes vs. those that stayed for the full program? 

For approximately how long did you engage with the online program? (dropdown question format)

  • Less than 15 mins
  • Between 15 mins and 30 mins
  • Between 30 mins and 1 hour
  • I watched the full webinar/forum/show/program

There are also some Quality dimensions that could be used here:

  • Captivation: It held my interest and attention
  • Enthusiasm: I would take part in something like this again

If your organisation is looking to move your content online and would like some resources on how to do this, here are some references to get you going.

If you’d like some guidance on how to adjust your current evaluations reach out to your Client Manager for support, or to arrange a Zoom meeting. 

Feel free to enquire here if you haven’t previously been evaluating your programs before, but would like some advice on how to start with Culture Counts.

About the author
Natasha Mian was previously a Client Manager at Culture Counts.