Evaluating your online programs - distribution
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Evaluating your online programs – distribution

If your organisation is moving current or future programming to online delivery, you can still evaluate the impact of these activities against your organisation’s overall strategic objectives.

There are opportunities to gain some additional insights during this period without having to completely overhaul all your previous evaluation methods.

We suggest distributing your survey via the same medium you’ve used to share your online programming – to ensure you’re collecting feedback from the audience that has engaged with the content.

  • If you are producing podcasts, webinars, or forums online, a vocal request to complete the survey at the end of your recorded content could encourage respondents to engage in your surveyHaving the survey link available on the same page that your content is accessed will ensure it remains prominent, especially if it has been mentioned within the online content. 
  • For online content that requires registration (e.g. Eventbrite) sending a follow up email with your survey link as close as possible to the online event closing will ensure a higher response rate.
  • Embedding the survey link within your online resources/content can help target responses while your audience is engaged.
  • General surveys could be distributed via EDM to your current subscriber or membership database as you are provided any updates to your audiences regarding changes to upcoming programming.

If your organisation is looking to move your content online and would like some resources on how to do this, here are some references to get you going.

If you’d like some guidance on how to adjust your current evaluations reach out to your Client Manager for support, or to arrange a Zoom meeting. 

Feel free to enquire here if you haven’t previously been evaluating your programs before, but would like some advice on how to start with Culture Counts.

About the author
Natasha Mian was previously a Client Manager at Culture Counts.