Everybody knows a little place like Kokomo
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Everybody knows a little place like Kokomo

A location or a place can generate great emotion from people. We can feel very connected to certain areas, we might feel safe there, or cultural, or proud, inspired, at ease or all of the above! However you feel, it is an intrinsic impact that enhances the public value of a location beyond revenue generated and foot traffic created.

A location and a feeling often go hand-in-hand. They say when you have a creative experience you activate the right side of your brain. The right side is creativity and imagination, while the left side is reasoning and analytic thought. It may be an old wives tale, but interestingly, the right side is said to also host the part of our brain that remembers where we are, our spatial memory. So while deeply immersed in a creative experience, you may not remember the name of the show, the price you paid or the most efficient way to get there, but you will remember how you felt and where you were.

Some areas have become cultural beacons to their state, bringing joy, wonder and the economic boon that tourism provides. Federation Square or the Arts Centre Precinct in Melbourne, South Bank in Brisbane, Circular Quay in Sydney with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the backdrop, are all great Australian examples.

With the January 29th grand opening of the Elizabeth Quay in Perth, this new hot spot is sure to be the next cultural highlight for Western Australia. Located on the Swan River and a just a hop, step and a jump from the very heart of the city, it provides Perth with a spectacular exposition.

Offering to the public a laser show, running nightly until February 21st, the Quay is visually entertaining with special water effects and roaming laser lights. As the water shoots out into the air in bright and changing colours, it is sure to grab some “ooh’s” and “awws” from the onlookers. Lasers light up the night sky, dazzling the crowd with an array of changing images and colorful displays. This visually exciting show appeals to the creative and imaginative aspects in all of us.

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Reed McConnell was previously a Marketing Assistant at Culture Counts.