Effective survey distribution for libraries
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Effective survey distribution for libraries

Libraries are hubs of community engagement and learning, making them ideal venues for gathering insightful feedback through surveys.

To capture a comprehensive view of user experiences and needs, libraries can employ strategic distribution methods that cater to their diverse audiences. This blog explores survey distribution techniques to help libraries maximise response rates and gather actionable data.

Online methods

Libraries can harness a variety of online tools to distribute surveys effectively and reach a wide audience. We have listed a few key examples below.

  • Email campaigns: Utilise your library membership database to send surveys directly to registered members’ emails. This approach ensures that regular users are represented in your feedback.

💡 Be mindful to employ other distribution strategies as this method will only capture data from a select audience.

  • Library website and online catalogue: Embed survey links on the library’s main website and online catalogue. Users frequently visiting these resources for book reservations or event information will likely participate in the survey.
  • Social media platforms: Your library’s social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram can help engage a broader audience. Regular updates and interactive posts that include survey links can boost survey participation rates.

💡 Be careful mentioning an incentive on social media – unfortunately online bots can track these surveys down and flood your responses!

  • Newsletter links: Include survey links in the library’s newsletters. Recipients who are already engaged with the library’s updates are more likely to contribute their views.

In-person methods

Incorporating in-person strategies can help libraries engage with people that may not be as tech-savvy, or don’t regularly engage with online communication channels including:

  • Intercept interviews: Equip staff or volunteers with tablets to conduct quick surveys with patrons as they visit different sections of the library or attend events. This method can provide real-time feedback on specific services or events. Alternatively, staff who visit homebound members can collect responses when they deliver books or provide services.
  • Kiosk surveys: Install survey kiosks at entry points or near the circulation desk where they are easily accessible to patrons visiting the library.
  • QR codes: Place QR codes in high-traffic areas, inside books, on flyers, and event programs. Patrons can scan these to access surveys effortlessly, making it convenient for them to provide feedback during their library visit. The Culture Counts Evaluation Platform has an inbuilt QR Code Generator – click here for more information.

Additional tips

Here are a few best-practise tips to optimise your survey responses and engagement:

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About the author
Lisa Wallace is a Marketing Manager at Culture Counts.