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Library Engagement Insights

The Library Engagement Insights shows the proportion of library users who have indicated that the library has helped their awareness, learning and application across seven resource areas (such as Job Skills, Digital Learning), and gives insight into their progression across each stage.


Respondents are asked whether they were aware of various library resources and services, and whether the library helps them to learn, apply learnings, and gain confidence across these service areas. These four stages are expected to be sequential, with library users initially gaining awareness, followed by learning something new, application of learnings and increased confidence.

  • Awareness: The library has helped me be more aware of applicable resources and services it provides
  • Learning: The library has helped me learn something new
  • Application: I intend to apply what I’ve learnt at the library
  • Confidence: The library has helped me feel more confident
Example survey question
Example Library Engagement survey question
Example PLEN Dashboard insight
Example PLEN Dashboard insight – Library Engagement
Example reporting use-cases
  • Understand how awareness drives learning, application and confidence
  • See how awareness of services varies amongst different demographics
  • Explore which services are well-known amongst the community and which require greater marketing or communications

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