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Step: 1 Identify outcomes

Understand your goals

The first step in the Six Step Evaluation Process, and arguably the most valuable, is for an organisation to review its objectives and goals, and ensure that they use survey metrics that speak directly to them.

Culture Counts refers to this task as a ‘Strategic Alignment’, and by taking this step before you jump into survey creation, you will set yourself up to get the most valuable information out of your survey results.

As part of your Culture Counts training session with our Client Management Team, you will get some practical tips about how you can conduct a self-led Strategic Alignment, we have outlined some pointers here. Essentially, the process involves going through your objectives one-by-one, and ensuring that you have a survey question(s) that can help your report back on the success of these.

You will choose your dimension questions using this technique and ideally, identify a set of dimensions that you plan to use consistently to measure the outcomes achieved across a number of programs.

Culture Counts also offers a specialised Strategic Alignment service that clients can purchase based on their own internal resourcing and needs.

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