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Having some technical issues using Culture Counts? Here are some things that might help you.

Check that your browser
View our recommended list of browsers that meet our platform requirements.

Make sure your network connection is working
If Culture Counts it taking a while to load, or not showing up on your browser at all, it could be that you’re are having local network connection issues, and are unable to access the internet. Try to access other websites as well and see if they are also inaccessible.

If you are running a Culture Counts survey in a public space, you may have to plan ahead and test your internet connection before you begin surveying. Culture Counts surveys run on a 3G connection or greater.

Ensure your firewall or proxy is configured correctly
Culture Counts can sometimes be affected by firewalls, or proxies. If you are connecting through one of these, make sure that is whitelisted. You may need to get your IT administrator to help you with this.

Nothing works!
If none of these tips are working for you, we’re always happy to provide support. Let us know what kind of problems you’re experiencing by contacting us directly.

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