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Outcomes evaluation framework

The Culture Counts evaluation platform contains over 100 inbuilt metrics, designed to measure outcomes associated with cultural and community experiences. These metrics are known as ‘dimensions’ and have been developed, tested and refined with the sector.

In this short video, Client Manager Laura Doyle, explains the Outcomes Framework

The use of consistent dimensions enables easy data collection across the following overarching domain categories*:

  • Cultural Outcomes reflect shared cultural values; things we care about and how we contribute to them.
  • Social Outcomes support the building of social capital, creates and promotes participation in community life and fosters the realisation of self at the individual level.
  • Environmental Outcomes recognise the links between people, where they live and how these connections contribute to overall wellbeing.
  • Economic Outcomes seek to promote dynamic and resilient local economies that are required to sustain vibrant communities.
  • Civic Outcomes recognise links between community groups, social institutions and decision-making structures that supports broader engagement in community-led activities.

The Culture Counts platform also includes a set of Quality dimensions to help organisations measure the quality of their activities consistently:

  • Artistic & Quality Metrics connect the quality of what is produced to the realisation of intentions and the strength of their impact.
  • Place Quality Metrics promote place-based amenity and experiences that are seen to increase the value of a location or area.
  • Finally, Participatory Outcomes represent dimensions that are specific to participatory activities, that promote their success and performance in achieving the activity’s overall aims. These are often grouped into another domain.

By using these standardised outcome measures, alongside outputs such as membership numbers, attendance figures and lending statistics, organisations can generate comprehensive insights and reinforce the importance of investment in their organisation and the sector.

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