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Step 2: Design surveys

Ask the right questions

You have finished planning your evaluation strategy as part of Step 1: Identify outcomes, now it’s time to design your survey. Your surveys will link back to the objectives outlined in Step 1, so that when it’s time to collect data, the results will be relevant to your organisation and/or stakeholder needs.

The best way to get started on any new evaluation or survey is to build from a pre-existing template.

Alternatively, you can use the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform to design and edit your survey. On the Design page, you can add different question types including;

You can tailor your journey by making questions compulsory and by applying logic to show or hide questions to respondents based on certain criteria.

If you’re after some tips, we have plenty of resources available on the Culture Counts blog. We also have some handy support docs that can give you some inspiration and help you to implement best practice survey design.

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